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No Smoking Sign

If you missed it on my home page post about how to block cigarette smoke from neighbors, a no smoking sign was something I considered hanging on the side of my house when I was hoping my neighbors would stop. It’s a little passive aggressive haha, but if it is your jam then totally go for it. Luckily there are tons of different styles of no smoking signs these days. Whether you have a problem with your neighbor smoking cigarettes, weed, or cigars, there is a sign for you! Plus you can grab a sign that will match your house better…. or one that will stand out more. Ha!

Did you know that the very first no smoking ban was actually in 1575, when the then Pope banned smoking in the Roman Catholic Church? Too bad that didn’t just stick everywhere back then right?!?! You can read more no smoking history here if you want. And a little on the history of the no smoking sign at the bottom of this page.

no smoking sign

No smoking signs are an effective way to communicate to others that smoking is not allowed in a particular area. There are many different types of no smoking signs available, ranging from simple text-based signs to more elaborate designs that incorporate graphics and images. Some signs may also include information about the specific penalties or consequences of smoking in a particular area.

When choosing a no smoking sign, it is important to consider the location and purpose of the sign. For example, a sign placed in a public park may need to be more visually striking and attention-grabbing, while a sign placed in a workplace may need to be more professional and informative. It is also important to ensure that the sign is placed in a visible location, and that it is easily understood by all who may encounter it. Then again, if it is in your home, you may want to purchase one to match your home or space so it still gets the message across, but doesn’t ruin your aesthetic.

All of the options below are easily available on Amazon to grab. I only chose ones with decent reviews, but of course you know Amazon, there are a million more options out there to select your perfect

No smoking signs

A little class and style adds to this small sign. Perfect for AirBnB’s or front door areas. Or put on the side of the house where your neighbor can see.

Smoke free Yard Stake

This yard stake makes it clear that your property needs to be smoke free. If you have a place to put it where the smoker next door will see, then perfect!

Classy No Smoking sign

Another simple little classier number. In a way this reminds me of haunted mansion… maybe it will remind the neighbor they’re looking at an early death.

Pretty Little No Smoking Sign

Well isn’t this a pretty little no smoking sign! It would be perfect in a spring garden. You know if you can ever go outside to garden without smoke.

No smoking sign

I’ll admit, the punctuation (or lack there of) kind of drive me nuts. But I appreciate the idea of reminder your neighbors you want CLEAN air.

Rustic wood No smoking sign

Who doesn’t love a classy rustic wood sign? I mean, if I have to look at a stupid sign on my house too, I want it to be cute.

No smoke sign

Keep it short and sweet with a classic design.

classic no smoke sign

The black and gold is another ‘upscale’ take on the classic no smoking ask. Plus if you have light walls it will stick out without being ugly.

Funny No Smoking Sign

Then of course you can always go the funny no smoking sign route. In addition to traditional no smoking signs, there are also a variety of creative and humorous signs available that can help to get the message across in a more lighthearted way. For example, a sign that reads “Thank you for not smoking – our air loves you for it!” may be more effective in some situations than a more stern and serious sign. Either add some humor or be a little bit of a jerk. I can’t help but laugh at the ‘no smoking unless your brisket’ one. Yes, I am a discriminating smoke smeller. Give me a BBQ or wood fire scent any day of the week! Well as long as it isn’t suffocating of course.

No smoking

I am totally down with a smoker that gives me brisket. By smoker I mean the item, not the human.

funny no smoke signs

OK, so this one doesn’t say no smoking on the sign, but it was too funny not to include.

No smoking

Nothing to see, nothing to see. Would I help if you were? IDK haha. JK, I’m not an asshole.

propane warning signs

I mean…. most houses have propane around these days for grills or flame throwers. Maybe this will scare them into quitting.

Another option to consider when it comes to no smoking signs is customization. Many companies offer the ability to create custom signs that feature specific messaging or branding, which can be a great way to reinforce a particular message or promote a specific organization or business.

You could even use a site like Zazzle or RedBubble to find even more options, some of which you can customize and change the text to fit your specific needs. You could even take a cute sign design from one of these sites (or even just a blank sign on Amazon for that matter), and change the text to be a no smoking sign!

Hope that helps and that you find the perfect no smoking sign for your space! But I wish you didn’t NEED to have one in the first place. Ultimately, the most important thing when it comes to no smoking signs is to ensure that they are used effectively and consistently, while also being comfortable hanging it if it is at your home. Whether in a public space, workplace, or other area, clear and visible signage can help to reduce the negative impacts of smoking and create a healthier and more pleasant environment for all.

custom no smoking sign

History Of The No Smoking Sign

The iconic “No Smoking” sign, a universal symbol of smoke-free areas, has a fascinating history rooted in the mid-20th century. It was in the early 1960s that the idea for a standardized no smoking symbol was conceived by a few creative minds who sought to convey a clear and concise message in public spaces.

The original design, which has become globally recognized, was created by a graphic designer named Yukio Ota from Japan. His simple yet effective design featured a white cigarette enclosed in a red circle with a red diagonal line crossing it. This straightforward and highly visible symbol effectively conveyed the message that smoking was prohibited in a particular area without the need for additional text.

Ota’s design quickly gained international recognition, and it was adopted by a variety of organizations, governments, and businesses worldwide. In 1985, the symbol was officially included in the International Organization for Standardization’s (ISO) ISO 7001 standard, ensuring its consistency and recognition across different cultures and languages.

Today, the “No Smoking” sign has become an integral part of public spaces, promoting healthier environments and reducing the risks associated with secondhand smoke exposure. It serves as a testament to the power of effective visual communication in conveying important messages to the public.

no smoke sign

Modern No Smoking Signs

Over the years, the “No Smoking” sign has not only maintained its iconic design but has also inspired creativity and modernization in various forms. In the spirit of promoting smoke-free environments and making a statement, people have come up with unique and innovative versions of the classic symbol.

In contemporary times, you can find artistic adaptations of the “No Smoking” sign in public spaces, often designed to match the aesthetics of their surroundings. Some restaurants and cafes, for instance, replace the cigarette with a stylized image of a coffee cup or food to convey a message specific to their establishment.

Furthermore, with the advent of digital media and social platforms, individuals and organizations have created their own versions of the no smoking symbol to raise awareness about the dangers of smoking or to advocate for smoke-free policies. These creative interpretations range from incorporating powerful graphics and messages to adapting the symbol to address specific issues like vaping or the harmful effects of tobacco.

While the classic “No Smoking” sign remains a universal symbol, the evolution of its design and the creative adaptations showcase how visual communication continues to play a crucial role in promoting healthier and smoke-free environments in today’s world.